Ridgewood Farm has an impressive show team record and has consistently produced top level riders.  Our Show Team participates in the Central East Zone Trillium Circuit.  We also attend a series of bronze level shows for our riding school students as a stepping stone and for a great experience.  Ridgewood Farm takes care of all your show needs by guiding you through the process from beginning to end.  We want to encourage and support you to have fun with your horse at competitions and help you set goals.

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Ridgewood 2021 Show Calendar

Ridgewood Show Team always remember:

  • Show good sportsmanship

  • Respect the facility by putting garbage, manure, leftover hay, etc in the appropriate places

  • Respect your equipment by keeping it tidy, in good repair, fitting, and organized

  • Respect the event/show by being on time and following their rules

  • Respect your horse by putting good horsemanship first. Although sometimes we need to be firm and clear leaders with our horses, please be extremely careful about when, how, and who’s watching.

  • Remember that at any time your activities may be posted to social media and are taken as a reflection of Ridgewood Farm.

  • Challenge yourself but more importantly have fun!

Annual Memberships to Compete in Trillium
Ontaro Equestrian Federation

Yearly OEF Membership - Renewable at the end of each year.

You only require a THJA membership if you wish to collect points towards qualifying for the Trillium Championship Show, or Zone Awards. You may compete at a Trillium show without a THJA membership, but points are never retroactively awarded.

Participate as an athlete, owner or lessee at all Bronze and Silver EC sanctioned competitions.

Central East Zone is the division Ridgewood participates in.